Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Choosing the right adult sex toys

There are so many sex toys available today, It makes it hard to know which one is the best fit your needs. Sex toys are good for everyone. They can be used by whom everyone thinks,people that are single. But they are also good for couples, there are a lot of different products that can help you spice up your relationship. You Might be stumped as to which one to choose, so i'll tell you about a few to help you decide which is best for you.

Vibrators/Dildos- As vibrators are more popular of the two, dildos are still very common. You can get them in realistic, so it even looks and feels as close to the real thing as you can get. The difference is, Vibrators vibrate, as where dildos do not. they come in all different shapes and sizes. and even waterproof.

Clit stimulators- There are many of these. They are used for the stimulation of the clitoris. Most vibrate. Some attach to your clitoris, and others you use manually. They have wireless ones, and then ones that plug in. they come in multiple speeds you can adjust, and some are even attached to vibrators, so that you can have double the pleasure at the same time.

Sex dolls- There are sex dolls for both men and women. Even though they are more popular with men. There are some for women. These can get pretty pricy if you want them to look and feel real life. they even have hair and make up. but some of them can go for up to $10,000. Or you can stick with the cheap blow-ups, or one of the real life, but not as detailed.

Bondage Equipment/Fantasy- There are plenty of restraints, handcuffs, and blind folds for you that are into bondage and Bondage equipment sex toys. There are different kind of restraints, and even some that are attached to bed sheets, for extra support. Also for you kinky ones, there are whips, and torture toys to go along with it.

Sex Swings- These come in different colors and hold different weight amounts. The are attached to the celing. They have them in different potitions, from missionary, to doggy, to woman on top. They are known for it to feel like weightless sex. And if you were wondering, no the man is not in the swing, it's used to hold the woman up. like weightless sex for all the positions you want to do, but can't because you are limited to weight restrictions. Not only that many couples enjoy them for soemthing different and exciting.

Anal toys- They are beads that are popular. They are inserted into the anus and are supposed to increase orgasms. There are also butt plugs, which are smaller dildos, designed specifically for anal injection. Or you can go full on and use a larger one. but for beginners i seriously suggest using a smaller on. Or try out the beads. either way, they are used for increasing orgasms. Make sure you use lots of lubrication!.

Depending on your needs, hopefully this can help you decide which is best for you. if you have never used sex toys, I would personally recomend A vibrator, and something clitoral, like a butterfly. Also for more kinky sex, handcuffs are a great way to spice things up, used with a blindfold. I hope you use these sex toys to there full advantage, and know there is nothing wrong with spicing things up a bit. You can find these sex toys at EdenFantasys adult toys store as well as more sex toys.

By: Rich Stephenson

Article Source: http://www.articlestoreprint.com


Vibrator said...

vibrators are made to arouse sexual stimulation by vibrating G-spots in women......

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is porn the only winner during credit crunch?