Thursday, September 13, 2007

Top-list Of The "Lies" In Bed

How often do you "lie" to your partner(or should I say "not telling the truth"?) when it comes to sex? And how often does your loved one hiding the truth or exaggerate something in sexual areas? And, is it that you have no secrets from each other, you're clean and as transparent crystal fair? Well, then you are even more interested to read on the rankings of the 10 most popular phrases from bedroom lies. Perhaps you could make some conclusions.

1st PLACE.
She says: "I came."
What does it mean in reality: "I would like to continue our relationship."
Today, men and women their partner's "correct" behavior mainly after porno-movies. That is the principle of "the louder moan, the better" is the main measure. And that even that simulating the orgasm in n of an experienced man (or passionless one) - is a dead number. It is impossible to simulate the spasmodic reductions of the cervix or the mucosal eliminations (which men feel as a hot liquid flow). It's just sometimes the partner does not want to know the truth if it does not satisfy him.
What to do? Statistics say: approximately 33-34% of women do not experience orgasm. A majority of the remaining, starting sexual activity at about 17, "grows" to the first orgasm only at around twenty-seven. It is young years, they are the most active ... enjoying sex without orgasm, imitating its beauty and talking about it.
Sexologists state that the most severe to a men is to reveal his incapacity, expressed through his "failure to bring women to orgasm." But for males, the sexual talent is the basis of his self-assertion. But in serious relationship, will still have to tell the truth. But do not need to explain that you do not have it with him. None of man would endure it. Recognize that you cannot do it at general.

He says: "I had a lot of women."
What does it mean: "I am a great lover. Isn't this a good reason to come to my place and have a cup of coffee? "
This is extremely silly and annoying women self-praise of victory just to impress. It seems that all men sincerely believe that this way they provide to his potential partner the "list of recommendations (whether true or not).
In fact, this woman draws the conclusion that she only is one of the many victories, and she will be forgotten in a few days.
What to do? Ignore it. It seems that this is merely a reversion of the male-monkeys. Surveys show that men remember the one with whom they felt really good, even with a large amount of relations.

3rd PLACE.
She says: "No, of course I didn't sleep with him."
What does it mean: "What if suddenly we get a serious relationship."
Women almost always minimized the number of partners, hide their experiences in order to seem more "clean". But in close relationships sooner or later the truth comes out.
What to do? The general sex rule is : talk generally, nor the names or dates or physiological detail. Not more details than the description of a fantasy or a movie from yesterday. Keep your young women's privacy, because the naked truth in bed is not welcome.

4th PLACE.
Doesn't matter who says: "It was the best sex in my life."
What does it mean: "Thank you".
Anonymous studies in all (!) countries show that women almost always exaggerate their level of enjoyment. Less responsive to others' self-loving, men say nothing at all (what diminishes the girlfriend's feelings with 40%) or encourage your partner with compliments for her to do her best.
What to do? To adopt their tactics, and ask: "Did you like it?" But not to, as men usually do, just comforting their self-loving ego, do it for achieving useful information.

5th PLACE. She says: "Fantasies? I do not have erotic fantasies. "
What does it mean: "I want rough sex with two "big" machos. But I wouldn't say that even under torture. "
Statistics show that the vast majority of men dream about their partner to take the initiative in their own hands. Moreover, the men "love with ears" not less than women. This is just rarely acknowledged. The story about your fantasy will have a better effect than one kilo of Viagra.
What to do? Agree to watch porn together or surf the dating sites where there are people with such bizarre wishes, that your most exotic fantasy seems an innocent prank of a convinced virgin. Sincerely recognize at some point: "I would also like to try it."

6th PLACE.
He says: "I had sex with her, but I didn't like her."
What does it mean: "Please, don't make scenes."
Although the jealousy scene is likely appropriate. Sex without sympathy happens only to young people at their hipper-sexuality period, or with prostitutes. And the average "adult" relationship lasts about 2.5 months, or in other dimensions-6 times. And if they did IT, then something did attract in her.
What to do? There aren't, alas, any recipes. But it worths to make some conclusions.
7th PLACE.
She says: "Size doesn't matter."
What does it mean: "Why hurt good people?" Indeed, because it's also not his fault.
What to do? Come with a really good reason why you will not be able to meet with him next time.

8th PLACE.
She says: " You're useless in bed."
What does it mean: "I will have my revenge for all my sufferings."
When hurt, many women are hitting below the belt (not necessarily physically), and many partners say that the problem is in his male abilities. And then how much they apologize and explain it was the anger, men do not forgive. A hit with frying pan on head - please, but sex is sacred. Incidentally, the men arrived in the dispute can also say that "you do not attract me as a woman", but unlike men, women can either forgive or avenge (find a lover) and forget.
What to do? All these sayings better to replace with a neutral: "You're an asshole", or "You broke my life."

9th PLACE. She says: "I cheated on you."
What does it mean: "I do not know how to offend you more." According to statistics, one in every three women, broking up with their husband, "recognize" their cheating with other man, including non-existent adventures to humiliate and degrade him.
What to do?Stand your anger. Calm down, because later, when you'll want to make it up, or at least have a decent relationship after divorce, it is these words would not let him to treat you well.

10th PLACE.
He says: "You are well at oral sex."
What does it mean? "I want more".
What to do? Well ... I don't know, sincerely. Did he behave well recently?..

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