Friday, December 28, 2007

What A Woman Must Understand About Her Orgasm?

Many women are ashamed to say what arouses them, but many of the study showed that women who may voice their desires or show what they want, get it more often.

Women's restraint and passivity in the comfort of love and sex is a vestige of the long past eras. Nothing excites men more than a passionate and active partner. According to Taoist philosophy, passivity and activity is as Yin and Yang, the mandatory components of human sexuality, for both women and men.

Sometimes for women the easiest way to help themselves to reach orgasm will be classical methods, such as cramping the hips or touching directly the clitoris during sex. In all likelihood, you will be interested to know the truth - do the men reach orgasm much faster than women, but it turns out that women can achieve orgasm fast too, if caress themselves.

Women who had multiple orgasm, adore when caressing their chest, kissing the nipples, these women like oral sex - receiving it, as well as doing it, these women adore erotic fantasies, books and films, they give preference to sensual partners, whom they can tell about their sexual needs. As a result of the research, scientists have found that women do not experience orgasm simply and quite by accident. They choose the circumvention, which multiply their greatest pleasure, and without restraint share this with their partners.

Many couples are able to recover lost, passionate relationship for a while, because of the fact that partners are sleeping in different beds, or spend some time apart from each other. This Dao relationship permits couples to maintain specified polarity and cherish their relationship corresponding to absolute energy charge. There is no point to degenerate love and passion and replace it with melancholy. But there are innumerable reasons, for which people have extramarital relations, although the midst of them are the gloom and sexual dissatisfaction - the two main factors. Maintaining intimate balance in the relationship reduces thirst to seek a new partner with the proper energy charge. Any pair is able to take limitless bliss if the partners will be able to save and share their sexual energy.

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