Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sex and Love - Tantra Sex

Many couples in time face the fact that the former pleasure from sex is gone, and it turns into a routine. You have already tried all the new positions and have gone through the most daring experiments? Then we can move to a higher spiritual level and learn tantric sex.

What is it?

Tantra -is a mystical object, which is impossible to clearly define in words. This is an ancient Indian system of philosophy and the only spiritual practice, which calls sex sacred and not considered a sin, even if it is an intimate relationship outside of marriage. Tantra views the body as a living temple.
Tantra recognizes sex as one of the ways of self-knowledge and peace. Tantra teaches that men and women are a manifestation of the god and goddess. Through Tantric sexual union of man and woman we can achieve awareness of a god and goddess.
The essence of tantric sex is contained in this intimate union of the partners - not so much a physical union as a spiritual fusion of energy. Partners become one - thus the energy of each of them doubles, and does not weaken, as after normal sex.

Important points

1.Togetherness with partner
Tantra person must learn to feel the energy of the partner and be able to dissolve himself in it. Tantra considers sex- a cosmic union of opposites, yin and yang, which creates that same energy from which all is born in our universe.

2. Breath
To "tune" to a partner, Tantra advises master breathing techniques: to breathe in unison. To do this, go in front of partner and imagine if your body goes through a bright-orange flow of energy. In this case, the breath must be simultaneous. This exercise helps to tune for maximum unity.

3. Attention
Partners must observe the behavior and perceptions of each other. That is why Tantra advices
during the session to look each other straight in the eye and observe any nuances in the behavior of the partner, because you two have become one. Do not be blind and deaf, on the contrary!

4. Duration
If ordinary sex -is the race for the orgasm, in Tantra it is the opposite, your objective - not to satisfy yourself, but taste it slow, realize the sensations and feelings of your partner until orgasm. That focus on the sensations and responsiveness to the signals your body gives the possibility of intimacy to last from two to ten hours.

5. Pre-abstinence and preparation
Guru's advise is to practice abstinence for at least two days before the contact. It is also desirable to refrain from hard food, to eat honey, fruits and nuts. During intimate actions Tantra followers use incense and candles, music is better to replace with the sounds of nature. Clean rooms and lack of distracting things - are required.

It should be said that in the past times, the engaged in tantric sex were doing it only in designated places of worship. In India's monastery it is happening nowadays. Sex for Tantra followers is like a religious rite.

The secret to a healthy sex - stays in the mind.

Psychologists say that it is tantric sex that contributes to greater understanding of two loving people, it allows them to be liberated, and fully know each other. In addition, it improves the psychological perception of the world.

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