Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dating Sex - Secrets in Stimulating Your Woman

By Crid Lee

Dating sex is a hot topic in all guys mind when they are in relationships. Having a healthy sex life can help to create more sparks in relationships. But to have a good sex life, one needs to know how to please his woman, with the right techniques to stimulate her.

Let me just show you some of the secrets in stimulating your woman:

1. Do not just kiss her lips. There are other sensitive parts on a woman’s body. Take your time and explore her whole body, and do not miss out the other sensitive parts.

2. Tell her that you admire her body. Do not hold back your praises on her. Praise her sincerely so as to make her gain confidence. This will make her more wild and active in the bedroom.

3. Lick and suck her breasts as those are highly sensitive part on a woman’s body. You should focus your attention on her nipples, and a gentle bite on it will be good.

4. Be sure to explore her back and stomach. You can start by sitting behind her and caressing her back. You can then slowly move your hands and hold her breasts. Then make her to lie down slowly, and start to kiss her stomach.

5. Have a passionate lips-locking kiss. French kissing is one of the best way to stimulate a woman.

6. Lastly, do not miss her thighs and vagina. They are sensitive to all kinds of stimulations.

These are just some of the ways that you can use to stimulate your woman. Having a good foreplay is the foundation of a good sex. Therefore, before you start having intercourse with her, do spend more time on foreplay so as to make the night more enjoyable and exciting for the both of you.

If you do it well, she will not have any excuses to accuse you of being boring anymore!

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