Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Male Pleasure Spots

Stimulate all these spots in the one night and you will be his golden girl forever. If you want to really show him who is boss then use sex toys to help give him the ultimate pleasure experience.

The ears

Stimulation on the ear feels amazing and has the power to send pleasure waves all the way to the groin area. Kisses to the ear can feel ticklish at times, but when you get over the ticklishness the feeling is sensational.

The best way to stimulate the ear is by giving long hot kisses in and around the ear. Use your hands to hold his head and position him the way you want so he knows you are in control. Vary your kisses so sometimes more of your tongue goes into his ear and then change your attention to focus the kissing around the ear. Stimulating the ear is a great starting point as it sends waves all over the body. You can also stimulate the ears with your thumbs. Gentle rubs with the pad of your thumb can also feel heavenly.

The neck

The next golden spot is the neck. Like the ear, kisses to this area feel amazing. Licking and caressing his neck is a sure way to drive him wild with desire. Lick right under his throat and down to his Adam's Apple and then back to all over his neck. Lick everywhere, even at the back at the top of his spine. When you find a spot that you think he likes, stop and suck on it for a little bit. Don't leave a spot unkissed on his neck.


Everyone loves a long passionate kiss and men are no different. Kissing him on the lips is sexy and shows him that you are completely into him. Give him a long passionate kiss before you progress to the next spot.


Work you way over to the back and give him amazing sensual and sexy kisses all over his back. Light run your tongue all the way down his back from the top of his spine to the base of his spine and then back up again. Use your hands as well so he can feel nothing but your hands and tongue on him. To make it even sexier rub your boobs on his back, this will drive him crazy.

Chest and nipple

Run your fingers lightly over his chest, enough to make his hair stand on end. While you are rubbing this area gently kiss his nipples. Nipples are a very sensitive and shouldn't be played with using too much force. Lick and suck and use your hands to caress this area.

Inner thighs

Light rubs to this area with your hand or tongue are sensational. When he is lying on his back run your hands from his shins to his inner thighs. Then grab his inner thighs so he experiences a change in pressure. Vary the way you touch him. Licking on the inner thighs also feels heavenly.

Penis, testicles, scrotum and perineum

Needless to say, these four areas are the key spots for men. As with most parts of the body, the way to find out how your man likes what you are doing is simply by asking him. If he makes noises in pleasure then this is going to help you know if he likes what you are doing. If you have no idea, just ask him. There is no point doing something if he doesn't like it. Penis, testicles and scrotum are all erogenous zones and men love these parts being stimulated. Try playing, fondling, kissing and using sex toys for stimulation and see what he likes.

If you didn't know, the perineum is the area between the scrotum and the anus and when it is touched, licked or fondled in any way it heightens pleasure enormously. Everyone is different of course and some men like heavier stimulation in this area, whereas for others even the lightest of touches can be intensely pleasurable. For some guys if their perineum is stimulated before they cum then it can increase the intensity of their orgasm.

The anus

This is another spot that guys love having stimulated. Thus anus has many nerve ending so when this area is rubbed or licked it can be intensely pleasurable. If you play with his penis while you stimulate his anus then this increases the pleasure intensely.

Every man is different. There is no one recipe that works with every guy. The best thing to do is experiment together, communicate with each other and ask him what he likes, and then practise over and over again! To add extra spice sex toys are a winner, massage oil is sensual and bondage gear is kinky and sexy.

By: Suzie Harris

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