Sunday, July 15, 2007

Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

FSAD or Female Sexual Arousal Disorder happens when the a woman is unable to maintain arousal or lubrication. There may also be pain during intercourse. This can be a cause of concern because the lack of sex can certainly harm a relationship. Men just have a naturally higher sex drive than women. If this causes the woman to have an even lower sex drive it may drive a bigger gap between the two people.

The causes for this disorder can be physical as well as medical. The causes can be:

1. Depression

2. Medication

3. Anemia

4. Stress

5. Drugs

There can be others, but these all need to be considered. If you think this may be a problem, do some research on the internet. If after your research you believe that you may have grounds for your concerns make sure to see your doctor or gynecologists.

The doctor will do a complete medical history to determine if there is a history of this in the family. Also a complete physical may be in order.

Some of the things that can increase a sexual desire in a woman are:

Erotic material

Sensual Massage

Position Changes to reduce pain.

Change of medication

Stess Reductin Techniques

Use of Lubricants to moisten the vagina and clitoris

Therapy to overcome and sexual abuse in the past.

You can also use medical treatments. These can include estrogen replacement therapy, Testosterone therapy and the use of the herb yohimbe combined with nitric oxide. All these should only be used with the assistance of a medical doctor.

Once this have been diagnosed, the chances for a complete recovery are good. Often it is a combination of all the above therapies that will be needed to make a complete recovery.

The partner of a woman with FASD can play a big part in the recovery. A caring partner can aid in recovery by being open and understanding. Dealing with stress and depression can also lead to a happier sex life.

Don't think that just because you have a low sex drive that it cannot be overcome. It can happen, but only with assertive treatment. Don't sit back and settle for a less than a completely happy sexual relationship. It may not happen over night, but it will happen when you get started. I wish you the best.

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