Saturday, July 28, 2007

Exotic Lap Dancing: Excite And Enchant Your Man!

By: Miss Blondie

Looking for a creative way to please your significant other? Ever thought about giving an exotic lap dance? Exotic lap dancing isn't as hard as it sounds. It's fun, sexy and your man will go absolutely crazy! Follow these simple instructions and you, too, can perform a perfect exotic lap dance.

Start by dressing the part. Show off your favorite parts of your body in a sexy mini-dress or bustier, stockings and heels. Go glamorous and try a hot new makeup look and hairstyle. If you need to practice, check yourself out in the mirror and watch the way your body moves to make sure you are achieving the look you want.

Next, prepare the surroundings. Play some mood music, whether that be something fast like hip-hop or slow like jazz, to get yourself ready. Place your man where you want him. Sit him in any chair you choose, just make sure you are both comfortable before the show begins. Dim the lights and you're ready to go. Just the fact that you are so in control will make him swoon.

The grinding circle is a central lap dance move. This tantalizing move that is shown in movies and on T.V. will tease him to no end. Start by creating a circle with your hips while standing two feet away from your man, your feet hip-width apart. Bend your knees and sexily arch your back - don't' be stiff! Lower yourself as far down as you can and continue to dance. Have fun with it!

Try a few other fun and sexy moves while you are facing him. Capture his knee between your knees and move back and forth on him. Blow in his ear, tickle him, do whatever you know he loves. You can also perform a breast stroke, which is a guaranteed way to arouse your man. Place your hands on opposite sides of the chair and lean forward. Once you're balanced and firm, gently push your breasts into his face so that his nose is buried between them. Move anyway that feels comfortable if you like - side to side, up and down. You should be able to gauge what he likes and doesn't like.

Don't forget to show off your other assets! Slowly and with poise, turn away from him. Perform a lap dance grind when you are standing in the triangle-shape between his legs. Bend down and lean as close to the chair and your man as possible. Then, keep your back straight, use his knees and rub yourself against him in a circle. Add your own personal flair - give him a sexy, over-the-shoulder glance or whip your hair in his face. Whatever you do, don't hurt him (or yourself!)

For the perfect finish, if you feel that you are able, get a hold of the back of the chair, and place your knees on top of his with grace. Slide down his body until you are on the floor. Stand up erotically, using him to ease yourself up. Lean in for a slow, steamy kiss. You have now finished your exotic lap dance! The rest is up to you.

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